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Video Killed the Radio Star

So we've been rehearsing in our living rooms for a few years now.... We just get together every now and then to learn some new songs and to polish up a few others. Sometimes they turn into jams and other times, we really knuckle down and hammer out 3-4 new tunes. It's always a great afternoon.

Whenever we are telling venues about the band, they love the idea of The Bell, and they ask if we have a video we can show them.

We don't.

So one afternoon, Ben came over with his iPad and we video recorded a few songs just to see if the iPad could do it. It did alright, but we looked stupid. The sound wasn't great. And I think we could hear the dogs in the background. :) But the test worked... We decided to try again.

We bought a stereo microphone for the iPad. That'll help.

Well, it helped a little. The sound is better, but when three people are sitting in a living room and singing their hearts out to an iPad, let's just say the emotional connection is weak. The iPad doesn't move and capture our best... it sits there and voyeurs uncompromisingly.

We learned that we need to look at the camera, smile, and relax.

I'm sure they'll get better and better.... Here's the first one we're willing to show you. Just know that we're cringing.... :)

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