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The second set started out like the first, but once the song started, the audience couldn't beli

For my title, I thought I'd take a leaf out of the old "How to get them to watch the Facebook video" book... You know the type... "The bride looked amazing, but what the father-in-law said had everyone in tears." Or "She looks like an average kid, but once she starts talking about chemistry, Ellen is stunned." Gullible... we have to watch.

I'm hoping that you feel that same emotion and come to our gig this Sunday. :)

Last year, we played at the Bald Rock on an early summer's afternoon. The beer was flowing.... The food devine. And we had a great time playing songs we love without a Christmas Carol in sight. :)

This year will be even better!

We hope you'll come see us at the Bald Rock Hotel (17 Mansfield Street, Rozelle) on Sunday, 6 December, from 5:00-8:00... You all know that Gary is easily influenced by your love and adoration, so we're bound to play a few encores if you clap energetically. He can't help himself. And Ben and I can't resist the joy he gets from playing more. We love it too.

Yesterday, I wrote a little poem to entice you to come see us at the Bald Rock. Don't let the tone fool you, we still won't be playing Christmas Carols.... :)

T'was the night before Monday,

And all through the pub,

All the people were singing

To music they love.

The bartenders served them

With generous flair,

And the chefs cooked them dinner,

Traditional fare.

Come see Wendy, and Ben,

And don't forget Gary,

When the three play their geetars,

You're sure to be merry.

And we hope you'll exclaim

To your friends, "Well alright,

Let's come back here next year!

That was such a great night!"

See you on Sunday - let's finish this year of The Bell at the Bald Rock with a bang... And once we start the second set, you'll think it's just like the first.... until we sing different songs.... :)

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