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Don't Stand So Close to Me

While we don't play any songs by the Police yet, this title seems appropriate for now.

Luckily (so far) Australia has been pretty good at containing the spread of Covid-19 and so the governments are beginning to allow people to go to pubs again. That will probably last as long as we maintain social distancing, don't have too many people inside at the same time, wash our hands a lot, and drink lots of alcohol. (I added that last one for fun... but the publicans deserve to have some extra income, don't you think? Buy the crisps too - they keep you thirsty and give the publicans a good margin!)

As a result of our extra good behaviour in NSW (so far) we are now booked to play not just once this month at the Bayview... but TWICE. On the 12th we're going to perform as a three-piece and get you warmed up. Then on the 26th we have Jeff and Lloyd joining us for a rockin' good time... especially that third set... you know we like to tease you for the first two... :)

So let's do the right thing and get (safely) amongst it. Bring your friends. Come early to get a table. Tip your Uber drivers. And let's do this. For those about to rock... we salute you.

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