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Spread the word!

You're a Bell fan already. Why else would you be here on our website? So first of all... THANKS for being part of our world!

We love that you're here.

Now... one of the the best things you can do is to help us spread the word about the Bell. The more people who come to our gigs, the more likely it is that we'll get more. (Did you know that we are now booked at the Bayview in Gladesville as an electric band TWICE a month? That's because of YOU. You rock.)

Another way way to help out is to like our facebook page and to comment on our posts. You can also post pictures on your own facebook page, write reviews, and tag us with @thebellsydney. You see, your friends will see your comments. And that means they'll know you like us and they'll get FOMO*.

You probably also know that there are some great live videos of us posted on that facebook page. Super-Bell-Fan, Kym, make that possible. Our fans in the UK, USA, Melbourne, Adelaide, Tassie, and all around this great world of ours say, "Yay Kym!" And we do, too.

Okay - that's it from us. For now... Our harbour cruise is nearly sold our for November 14th. Our 2022 dates at the Bayview in Gladesville, the Bald Rock in Rozelle, and Beaches in Thirroul are all in the Gig Guide.

See you real soon!

*FOMO is the "Fear of Missing Out."

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