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Thanks for Popping In!

Well hasn't 2021 gone by quickly so far! We have had a blast playing for you.

Our residency at the Bayview continues to draw a great crowd. We alternate play as a three piece and as an electric band, so the songs stay fresh and we get to play more of them. :)

The Bald Rock is a smaller venue, so with Covid restrictions still in play, we don't get to perform there as much as we used to, but never fear for those of you on the peninsula, we do have a few dates coming up. Especially toward spring and summer.

Beaches Thirroul is another venue that supports live music and we are booked in for two more dates there. Please tell your friends who live in the south about The Bell and get them to mark those dates on their calendars early!

Perhaps most exciting for us are the Harbour Cruise events that we've been able to do for you. The energy on the Harbour Spirit is impossible to capture in a pub. We talk, eat, drink, dance, sing, and sway together. We've had 2 glorious cruises already this year and we've just released tickets for our cruise on November 14th. It's after Melbourne Cup so we think it qualifies as a Christmas Cruise. Here's the link for tickets:

We're always learning new songs and folding them into the sets. Keep your requests coming, because you give us great ideas.

Well that's the update for June 20, 2021. Happy winter solstice. May your days get longer and your live music adventures be plentiful! See you soon.

Wendy, Gary, and Ben

Left to right: Lloyd Gyi (drums), Wendy Lloyd Curley (vocals and guitar), Gary Dixon (vocals and guitar), Jeff Mallia (bass), and Ben Little (vocals and guitar).

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